What Is A Closing Loan And Which Banks Give?

What Is A Closing Loan And Which Banks Give?

Intense and unconscious use of credit cards, which has increased and continued to increase at an alarming rate especially in the last few years, has been pushing citizens into an indispensable debt swamp and inevitably takes legal proceedings.

In addition, citizens who have not received any consumer loans, vehicle loans or even mortgage loans, have entered their debt on average 5 thousand dollars, especially after the law, which prevented installments on credit cards during the purchase of mobile phones, came into effect in the past years.

Fortunately, banks have a service called “debt closing loan” for citizens who have become unable to pay monthly when both credit card debts and credit debts are combined. If you are bored of making separate payments to different banks each month or you can not get under your monthly payment amount, we have researched for you, which banks offer loans and which banks give.

What Does Debt Closure Loan Mean?

What Does Debt Closure Loan Mean?

Debt closing loan, or “debt transfer loan”, by transferring your credit card in various banks or a bank to which you apply for debt closing loan, makes you pay monthly to a single bank and make the amount you pay monthly.

Is a type of loan that allows you to bring, Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind here is that banks do not just do this for our good. Note that once all your debts have been calculated, an interest rate will be recalculated for the new loan, the lowest of which is 1.15 percent, and you will have to pay this interest amount.

But if you are crushed below your monthly payments, if you are about to pursue legal proceedings or if you have already entered, if the interest amounts you have to pay every month because you have paid your credit card minimum, and if you think these payments will become much worse in the future, the most logical action you need to make is a you will need to apply for a loan by applying to the bank.

What are the Requirements to Apply for a Debt Closure Loan?


First of all, the debts that you can transfer to the bank with the debt closing loan are only consumer loans, vehicle loans and credit card debts. You cannot transfer your debts at the bank where you applied for housing loan, KMH debt or debt closing loan. The bank where you have credit debt transfers your entire debt to the bank where you want to transfer. It is not possible to transfer less than the total debt amount.

In order to approve the loan that you applied for, a legal follow-up about another customer or credit card should not be initiated about the customer requesting this loan. Because, although banks give such loans in order to add new customers to their portfolios, they want to pay their loan debts on a timely and complete basis every month.

Which Banks Offer Loan Closing Loan?

Which Banks Offer Loan Closing Loan?

Good Finance If you comply with other conditions specified above and determined by the bank, you can apply for the loan closing loan you need with an interest rate starting from 1.20 percent.

Good Credit Another bank that allows you to close your debts at other banks and to borrow in one place is Good Credit. You can get a loan with a maximum loan amount of 100 thousand dollars and an interest rate of 1.48 percent, with a maturity option of 3-36 months.

For example, when you get a loan of 10 thousand dollars with a maturity of 36 months, when interest rates and other fees are added, the monthly installment amount you need to pay will be 378.35 cents, and on average, this interest rate and the amount to be paid will be close to most banks.