Will there be massive defensive personnel or regime changes?

Steve Helwagen of Bucknuts.com hosted his weekly chat Tuesday night on The Front Row’s bulletin board. Check out the transcript below.

wazbuck: Does Harry Miller train with the team? Has Noah Potter been training with the team since his eye surgery? Ben Christmas is one of the few who has not lost his black stripe. Having said that, is there any feedback on his performance in training?

Helwagen: I apologize. I don’t have definitive answers to any of these questions. We don’t go to training. And the limited time where we chat with the coaches, the questions are limited to who is playing and who they are playing.

My guess is that Miller closed it. He was in uniform mid-season. I don’t know if this has been the case in recent weeks.

Potter is away for the year, my guess. He didn’t play.

Ben Christman, I haven’t heard of his progress. I wish I could have helped you on one of them better than I did.

bucksgrad: Hi Steve, can I interest you in a basketball rule change? The one I’ve been on the soapbox for at least 3 years. Give individuals 6 fouls before committing a foul.

To me, it’s so obvious. Similar to the severity of expulsions of football players for targeting, this punishment is simply too harsh. We are at the start of the season, so other than EJ who has to sit down at the end of this Akron game, we haven’t felt that, but we will, like all teams across the country.

When a STRATEGY is to shoot fouls (eg take it TO the guy with 3 or 4 fouls) it’s not basketball.

The game today is SO fast that it is impossible for an official to correctly answer every call. A bad call, a legitimate call and you sit down the rest of the way. smh It’s time for a change.

Are you in it?

Helwagen: Yeah, I hear you. Five is a small number. The coaches curl up when the guys get the second in the first half. Six would be a better number. The penalty is free throws and especially two shots after the 10th foul. I like six faults as a compromise.

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