Wyoming wildlife webcam shows moose, elk and deer (unfortunately no bears) in action

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We love stories about wildlife.

Mostly wildlife stories that have a bit of drama.

Whether it’s the convenience store employee who has to fight the bears (although that’s not in his job description) or the hikers who ran away from the grizzly (no one was hurt), or the un-panting bison the tourist who thought Custer State Park was a petting zoo (she lived).

So while we’d prefer the trail camera – installed in the snow-capped range by the Wyoming Game and Fish department – to have a little more action, it’s still worth a look.

On the trail camera compilation video (embedded above), you can see moose, deer, elk, and other animals going about their business without knowing they were being filmed.

The cool thing about this video (unlike the recently awakened Giantess Geyser webcam in Yellowstone) is that the audio is included.

So when a storm comes, you hear it. When a moose crawls the webcam, you hear it. When a moose gets caught up in the storm and isn’t happy, you hear it.

Of course, it’s always better in person. But with the webcam, you are more likely to not make the headlines with hundreds of commentators calling you a “moron tourist” or “turret”.

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